A New York Times Notable Book of the Year.


“A wise, adroit novel, resplendent with shimmering, incisive writing, about the New York art scene and what it’s like to be young there, or again. A mature, accomplished debut.”

— Edward Hoagland

“Modern Art satisfies as both a novel with fully rounded characters and a compelling glimpse into the heart and mind of a redoubtable survivor.”

— Ann Landi, ARTnews

“Toynton, who excels at generating quiet suspense and succinctly articulating complex viewpoints, astutely ponders the differences between the sexes, the value of friendship over romance, the greed and pretensions of the art world, and the paradox of old age, when wisdom is muffled by infirmity.”


“Toynton…maintains a steady hold on the reader’s attention…her prose is sharp, uncluttered by needless adornment, even elegant – an increasingly rare phenomenon…her perceptions seem sharp and fresh.”

— Francine Prose, New York Times Book Review

“This novel takes seemingly old and dried up material and gives it ripe flesh and blood.

— Barbara Fisher, Boston Globe

“Toynton's dialogue is tightly crafted, her period detail pervasive and her insight into character impressive.”

Publishers Weekly

“Readers will find themselves drawn into the emotional depths of each of the characters…intriguing…poignant.”



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