The Oriental Wife is a clear-eyed but tender, always intelligent and beautifully observed group portrait of German Jews, their lives shattered by the Third Reich, painfully finding their way in England and the New World. A remarkable and virtuous achievement!”

— Louis Begley, author of About Schmidt and Wartime Lies


“In this poignant, vivid, and richly humane novel, Evelyn Toynton measures the weight of personal tragedy against the great catastrophes of twentieth-century history.”

— Eva Hoffman, author of Lost in Translation and Appassionata


“How much reality can you take? That’s a question I think you have to ask yourself before opening Evelyn Toynton’s fine, mordant new book…when Toynton describes love and love-making, the emotional high points seem to leap from the page….sentence by sentence, superior fiction. “

— Alan Cheuse, All Things Considered, NPR


“A first-rate literary work and a character study of loss.”

Kirkus Reviews


“With delicacy and precision, Evelyn Toynton’s The Oriental Wife recounts the lives of a group of German Jews who have fled the Holocaust to settle in America …One of the strengths of this subtle and luminous novel is its compassionate but clear-eyed view of each of its characters.”

The Washington Independent Review of Books


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